Our savvy digital teams combine 20 years of experience and specialise in content writing and blog creation. Combining engaging and unique content, our team will help you generate a reputable online following. Utilising links for recommended reading on premium publisher sites, your targeted audience will be captivated by your blogs and content; driving new traffic onto your website.

Why Content Marketing ?

Today’s society is dominated by social media. Why fund expensive ‘traditional’ adverts and PR’s when post sharing and tweeting is free? Content marketing is a powerful tool and, if implemented correctly, can produce more exposure than any paid service. Content marketing gurus say “You can never be too long, only too boring”. LeadKing Digital ensure your content is engaging to the target audience with a great page, and ensure it is published and promoted on every relevant medium. The same “voice” ensures the content is authentic, consistent and well regarded by both your readers and Google.

Promote your Brand

Content without structure is content marketing failure. Engaging an audience starts with a developed and documented strategy that aims to unearth your customer needs.

Content marketing will benefit your brand through:

  • Better engagement and interaction with your target audience
  • Increased traffic
  • Leveraging of an online community
  • Content management that nurtures user-generated content and brand advocacy.

Entertain or solve a Problem

Often the issue is identifying how to meet the needs of your target audience. Effective content marketing always engages the audience through genuine entertainment or problem solving. The LeadKing Digital team creates articles, blogs, videos, SEO content, landing pages and digital ad designs that will stimulate the customer and engender desire towards your product. Through strategic content marketing, your business will benefit by:

  • Tangible returns on the content you’ve invested in.
  • A knowledgeable and trustworthy partner that understand you and your needs.
  • Confidence in the management of your digital brand and its presence by industry leaders.
  • A flexible strategy driven by a team that works with you face to face, daily, to ensure the landing and timing of your customers and content.

Getting your Content Unearthed and Exposed

So you’re satisfied with the content you’ve created, but are unsure how to promote it? You need to develop your marketing strategy to amplify the reach and impact of your message. Mapping out the right strategy for you and which channels will produce the best return only heightens value of your content. The channels you may like to include are either earned or owned and paid media such as LinkedIn Marketing, Facebook Advertising Digital Public Relations.

Follow your Success

Publishing content must be followed by eagerly tracking it’s performance. Every piece you collaborate with LeadKing Digital will tag success metrics customized to your specific objectives. In order to determine your success, LeadKing Digital will analyse these metrics and reports using Google analytics and SEO metrics to give you the ROI’s you’ve been waiting for.

Our Passion.

Landing Leads.
Grow your business revenue. Measure your results.
Month by Month. No need for contracts. Our partnerships naturally grow into long term relationships.
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